The 2024 Show is once again at The PumpHouse Theatre - Takapuna



North Shore Gang Show Dates for 2024

Auditions & Rehearsals

Auditions 17th & 24th March

Rehearsals Start 28th April

Shakedown Camp 4th – 5th May

2nd Camp 2nd – 4th August

Pack-In from 10th August

In theatre Rehearsals from 11th August

Show Calendar

(All shows 2 hours including Intermission)

21st August Wednesday Opening Night 7:30pm
22nd August Thursday Show 2 7:30pm
23rd August Friday Show 3 7:30pm
24th August Saturday Show 4 - Matinee 2pm
24th August Saturday Show 5 7:30pm
25th August Sunday Show 6 - Matinee 2pm
26th August Monday Show 7 7:30pm
27th August Tuesday Show 8 7:30pm
28th August Wednesday No Show  
29th August Thursday Show 9 7:30pm
30th August Friday Show 10 7:30pm
31st August Saturday Show 11 - Matinee 2pm
31st August Sunday Final Night 7:30pm


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Audition Information: Cast Contract | Calendar